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Mind wide open

Architecture is a subtle art. Executed purposefully, human focussed design has the ability to inspire, motivate and enrich our lives, both emotionally and physically. We are more than people whose sole purpose it is to make money - we are creative creatures drawn to things that uplift our mood and feed our souls.

At Paterson Architects we believe architectural design has the power to enhance your life in meaningful ways, inviting you to not just exist within a space, but to truly immerse yourself within it. Living better, working better, feeling alive, revitalised and in sync. We believe a space should make you feel.

Breathing new life into the journey of design and architectural solutions

Based in West Perth in Western Australia, Paterson Architects is an award winning architecture practice with a demonstrable track record in Education, Sports Facilities, Commercial/Mixed Use, Residential, Law and Order, and Retail and Resort projects. Our talented team also has extensive experience in Aged Care, Retail Fitouts, and Hotels.

What you can expect

As problem solvers Paterson Architects want to know how you want to exist in the world. We work with you, challenging boundaries to discover how to best reach your goals. Our openness, transparency and inclusivity allows us to go on this journey with you to find the right solution, as we stretch ourselves to design something better, something that will positively affect users lives and everyday lived experiences. It’s design with deeper understanding.

Our promise to you

The design that surrounds you shouldn’t just exist, it should enhance your life. Our promise to our clients is one of design excellence that focuses on this idea of life enhancing spaces. Paterson Architects develop innovative and creative concepts that trigger emotional responses in your end users, diligently staying client and service focused to deliver high quality design solutions that mean something.

Great architecture makes you feel something. So should your architect.


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