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Creating Value
About Us
Creating Value

How we create value for you.

We know clients come to us for a reason – it’s what differentiates us from other architects. So to help you understand what value looks like at Paterson Architects, let’s map out how we intend our journey with you will evolve, so you can ascertain if it will be worth it both emotionally and financially.

Value is delivering

  • We create a sense of ‘place’.
  • We execute a future proofed and focussed design.
  • Our work matches your expectation of what was going to happen.

Value is purpose

  • We understand how you want to work or live.
  • We create a place that meets how you intend to use it.
  • We understand how the building fits into the urban environment.

Value is design experience

  • We are accessible.
  • We are easy to deal with.
  • We ask good questions to drill down and create clarity.
  • We make sure you come on the journey too, by ensuring you understand what and why at every stage.
  • We offer you our professional opinion.
  • We are giving of ourselves.
  • We are fully present and engaged.
  • We deliver team consistency (and don’t palm you off to ‘juniors’).

Value is process

  • We bring our knowledge, expertise and experience to the table in a way that drives the project forward.
  • We explain thoroughly with full transparency.
  • We are with you, every step of the way.
  • Our work is timely.

Value is good design principles

  • We are up-to-date with current trends here, abroad and within the industry.
  • We are informed, and ahead of trend, when it comes to understanding human factors around design.

Architecture is a trigger for something that strikes at the heart of what makes us human.


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